Save animals - the game

This game is a fun way for children or grownups to learn about endangered animals. Simply click the images and answer the questions and help spread the word about our magnificent animals. Your can find all the answers about the animals on the startpage.

Works best on computer or tablet and ipad devices, more animals are added continuously. Hope you enjoy.

This game has not yet been adopted to phones! please play it on a computer ;)

A dolphin in crystal clear blue waters close
  • What animal is this?
  • Which dolphin species face an uncertain future?

Read more about Dolphin
A brown spider monkey in a tree close
  • What animal is this?
  • Where do you find the brown spider monkey?

Read more about Brown spider monkey
leatherback swiming in the blue ocean close
  • What animal is this?
  • Which turtle are Critically Endangered?

Read more about Sea Turtle
rhino on the savann in Tanzania close
  • What animal is this?
  • Which rhinoceros have two horns?

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Chimpanzee sitting in the grass close
  • What animal is this?
  • What is the primary threats to chimpanzees?

Read more about Chimpanzee

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